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Style Magazine featured Lynn Morris of SaraFresh Juice in the April 2018 edition with foodie-forward professionals. Food meets fashion is this healthy-lifestyle living issue. We at SaraFresh Juice believe color rules in juice and in fashion. Thank you Style Magazine, Foxy Lady, Terry McKee, Barbara Banks and Emily Okolowitcz. #honored


Edible Sarasota: Sip and Smile

It’s terrifically sweet that folks always want to thank Sara for making such a delicious product, and I’m sure Sara would be downright grateful to take the compliment if there actually were a woman named Sara making these incredible juices. But in a surprising twist it turns out that Sara is, well, you.

See, the story goes like this: Lynn Morris, the magic maker behind the must-have beverages, named her company in honor of Sarasota. She creates these drinkable packages of perfection out of Sarasota’s freshest ingredients for Sarasota’s fresh juice lovers, hence Sara(sota) Fresh. It’s all making sense now, eh?

It would be impossible to untangle the juice from the maker as SaraFresh is Lynn and Lynn is SaraFresh. It’s a symbiotic match made in heaven, with Lynn fully deserving of a set of wings. This mother of two girls works ‘round the clock to secure the best local ingredients, namely from Worden Farms, and mixes them into unexpectedly delicious combinations, all the while showcasing a mega-watt smile that turns every stranger into a friend. I don’t know about you, but pre-teen girls and a 20-hour workday would stress me out—but not laughable, lovable Lynn Morris, who has never once faltered in her friendliness and read more…

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