The orange, especially the Florida orange, is as world-renowned for its refreshing flavor as it is for its health benefits. Full of vitamin C and immune boosters, our oranges are the finest in Florida - which, needless to say, means they're the finest on Earth.


Strawberries make everything sweeter, but there's nothing artificially sweet about the strawberries we use. Abundant with potassium, antioxidants and Vitamin C, our strawberries are as delicious, and as healthy, as can be.


One of the most versatile flavors out there, the carrots we add to our juices are crisp and earthy. Adding carrots to your diet is linked to heart health and boosting fiber levels, and can help lower cholesterol. 


Cilantro adds a subtle but noticeable "kick" to a juice. It alters the flavor profile in the best way, not to mention it's extremely good for your gut, brain, and heart.


Our fresh lemons work wonders on your body, aiding your digestive system and hydrating you like few other ingredients. 


You probably already know that Kale is the most nutrient-dense leafy green on the planet, but it also has anti-aging properties with compounds such as quercetin, lutein, and zeaxanthin.