Why choose organic?

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The Truth About Organic Produce

There’s a lot of talk about choosing organic fruits and veggies, but what does it really mean? Organic foods are those raised without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals. Although pesticides deter insects from damaging crops, the price paid for poisoning surrounding pests is that crops are being contaminated as well.

USDA Certified organic foods are grown without chemical fertilizers, synthetic substances or GMOs, giving the consumer the healthiest, safest and most nutrient dense produce options.

The label applies to meat and poultry as well, prohibiting antibiotics and hormone use.

Why do we choose organic? When we choose non organic produce, we take the risk of ingesting toxins, poisons and chemicals. Many of these chemicals have not been tested for long term health effects. The organic certification protects both our bodies and our environment.

Certified organic produce is guaranteed 100% GMO free. GMOs are plants or animals who’s DNA has been scientifically modified for the purpose of resisting disease or pesticides. Why is this important? Inevitably, these GMO foods are being absorbed into our systems when we eat them. Most processed foods and common items found on grocery store shelves contain GMO ingredients.

Organically grown fruits and veggies are known to contain a higher nutrient content, and taste a LOT better than chemical-laden soil. We know flavor is important in a healthy juice. Sarafresh Juice always blends a rich combination of organic fruits and veggies to bring you maximum nutrition and flavor packed juices.

Organic farmers utilize sustainable practices that work in harmony with the environment. Organic farmers protect the soil, air and water to help ensure our resources are clean, safe and abundant for years to come!

The bottom line: our health is secure and the future is bright with organic produce!

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