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It’s true – the majority of customers I see in line at the juice truck are women! Personally I would love to see more men reaping the benefits of fresh, organic juices, which is why I hope to sway all of you men out there to #drinkmorejuice.

Top Five Reasons Men Should Drink SaraFresh Juice:

1. Add a little spice to your life….yes, certain juices can increase male libido!  With everyday stresses, sedentary lifestyles, poor nutritional habits, and lack of sleep, a lowered libido is no longer unusual in today’s society. 

Fortunately nature can help your mojo: ginger improves blood flow and watermelon has been referred to as nature’s viagra due to it’s ability to assist in blood vessel dilation. Therefore, grabbing SaraFresh’s Gingeraid, Bright Eyes, Tropical Beet, or Sugarbaby could give you that boost in the bedroom that you have been looking for.

2. Be a winner! Whether you’re a competitive athlete or weekend warrior, fresh juice can increase endurance and assist in muscle recovery. In my last post I wrote all about how pineapple, ginger, beets, carrots, and cucumber help aid athletic performance. If you missed it, check it out and you can see how juicing can get you closer to pro-athlete status. 

3. Look younger! What the heck is turmeric you may ask? Well, it could be your new best friend as this small root can protect against free radicals that cause wrinkles, skin sagging, and dark under eye circles.  Another root bulb for a rejuvenated look is the mighty beet. Studies have shown that drinking beet juice could decrease the depth and severity of skin wrinkles up to 60%. Try them both out for yourself with a Tropical Beet, a Sunrise, or a quick Beet Shot

4. Get that energy back! Let’s face it, sometimes we feel as if we’re dragging our bodies around. Hectic lifestyles need excellent nutrition to help counteract the effects it could have on your mind and body.  Fresh, organic juice gives you a concentrated batch of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in their natural form that is easy for your body to absorb. Green juices, such as the Alkalizer and Hardcore Green, are excellent sources of steady energy without any highs and lows. 

5. Meet a gorgeous, glowing lady! By now you have been drinking so much fresh, organic juice that your libido is through the roof, your athletic performance is better than when you were 18, you’re looking younger than ever, and are bounding through the day with more than enough energy  which means you may need someone to share all of this with! 

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, the majority of juice consumers are female. Just take a look at the line outside the Sarafresh Juice Truck….bike, run, skate, or walk down to see for yourself at the Saturday morning downtown farmers market to meet some others who are also reaping the same benefits of the juice.

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