How to Handle Stress After Hurricane Irma

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SaraFresh got together with Rebecca the Dietician after Hurricane Irma to discuss the best ways to handle stress.

For all of us in the state of Florida and other affected areas, it’s been very stressful anticipating a major storm. We’ve prepared our houses, stocked up on water, made checklists, shopped to feed an army and spent extra time with our family. The shock of a natural disaster is enough to throw us off of our daily routines, and out of our healthy rituals.

When we experience major stress in our lives, it puts us in fight or flight mode. This causes our adrenal glads to produce cortisol, which increases belly fat. Other instances that shock our adrenals include not getting enough sleep, coffee and unhealthy foods. It’s time to start the recovery process!

Now that power is being restored to homes and businesses, and we’re returning to school, work and our daily lives, we’re going to need an extra boost to get into the swing of things.

Recovery can be as simple as setting the reset button to get our bodies, minds and emotional states back to normal. Gently easing back into our healthy routines, we can get together with friends, get outside or go to the beach now that we have beautiful weather again. At the very least, there are ways to supplement the body with some healthy activity. For example, do some yoga, tai chi, go for a walk or choose a calming exercise. This is a time for rest, restorative activites and reflection.

And we’ll be the first to say it, it’s time cut out the stress eating! Without our normal groceries in stock, or for some of us, without power for several days, we may have resorted to eating foods that wouldn’t normally be a part of our routine. And yes, the stress does actually cause our bodies to crave more!

Now’s the best time to stock up on healthy foods at the market. Load up on fresh fruits, organic greens and cold pressed juices. Even if your eating habits aren’t 100% back to normal, drinking a healthy green juice is still going to help calm the body and give you the nutrients you need to get out of that fight or flight mode. The fresher the better! Pick up a SaraFresh Juice today.

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