Ginger to the rescue: The Root of Health!

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At first glance, ginger may not seem like the most exciting ingredient. Don’t judge this root by it’s cover! Despite it’s bland appearance, ginger is actually a very potent root with a wonderful zing of spice. It also adds a layer of depth to any dish.


Beyond the fact that ginger tastes delicious, it also has numerous health benefits. Before clinical trials and in-depth scientific research, communities around the world used ginger to soothe a variety of common ailments.

Health Benefits of Ginger

It Helps Us Absorb Nutrients!

Ginger does an amazing thing when it’s digested at the same time as other foods. Ginger stimulates the digestive system’s secretion of enzymes. This allows our bodies to break down and absorb nutrients from other foods more efficiently. Just think of ginger like a bodyguard that makes sure that nutritious foods get into your body!

Ginger Can Settle an Upset Stomach.

Remember when your mom poured you a glass of ginger ale when you weren’t feeling well? She was on to something! Ginger has properties that have been known to settle nausea and even bring relief to expectant mothers suffering from morning sickness.

This Root Reduces Inflammation!

Ginger has been used as an anti-inflammatory for centuries. From knee pain to rheumatoid arthritis, ginger has been proven to increase range of motion and ease chronic pain.

Ginger Can Sooth Your Sore Throat or Cough.

A spoonful of honey with ginger will ease a sore throat. The combination of ginger and honey is one that equals more than the sum of their benefits. These two ingredients, which are frequently used in natural remedies, actually multiply each other’s healing properties. This powerful partnership is commonly used to ease sore throats and coughing.

How to Intake Ginger


In recent years, Americans have embraced cold-pressed juice as a healthy and delicious way to give our bodies the nutrients they crave from fruits and vegetables. We offer a variety of juices with ginger including the big favorite: GingerAid. Cold-pressed juices get the most nutrients out of fresh ingredients. Here at Sarafresh Juice, we use only local and organic fruits and vegetables so rest assured that the ginger in your juice will help you reap all the benefits.


Ginger tea is available to purchase by the bag and is an easy and pleasing way to get your intake of the powerful root.


After discussing all of the medical properties, we can’t forget that ginger is actually a delicious spice. Use grated ginger in soups, marinades and curries!

Chews & Lozenges

Many of the common throat and cough drop brands now include at least one product that has ginger as a main ingredient. In addition, ginger crystals are now available for purchase at most drug stores and pharmacies. These crystals and chews are ideal for soothing an upset stomach or preventing motion sickness.

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