7 Summer Detox Tips

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Even a healthy person with a great diet can experience a buildup of waste and a slow or sluggish system. Detoxing helps eliminate damages from processed foods and added sugars from our daily diets, keeping us feeling energetic and healthy!


1. Hydrate

Most of us suffer from some degree of dehydration at some point in our lives. We lose water through our breath, sweat and restroom trips, so it’s important to constantly be replenishing our source of hydration! It’s recommended to drink a minimum of two liters of water or fluid throughout the day, though needs will vary based on your health and daily activities.

2. Warm water with lemon

Start your day off right with this digestive elixir! This combination hydrates and alkalizes your system, giving your body time to wake up and balance out before your first meal.

3. Juice

Because cold pressed juices are packed with vitamins and nutrients yet contain no fiber, they can bypass digestion and quickly be absorbed into the bloodstream. This gives the colon a rest and allows more energy to be devoted to removing foods, waste and toxins that are trapped inside the body.

4. Minimize caffeinated drinks

Though caffeinated beverages can contribute to your daily fluid requirements, water is still the most effective way to stay hydrated. Caffeinated beverages can cause side effects that distract from the success of your detox.

5. Avoid processed foods, meat and dairy

Every once in a while it’s good to give our system a break from all the work it takes to filter our meals each day. Slowing down our digestion allows our bodies to naturally detoxify. Eating clean, whole foods, fruits and vegetables restores and revitalizes.

6. Move your body

Dance, walk, run, jog. The lymph system needs to move! Even if you’re not performing high intensity activities, it’s important to get the blood flowing and wake up those cells!

7. Yoga

Yoga is not only restorative, but helps invigorate the body. Certain poses such as twists aid digestion and help get your fluids moving and shaking. Feeling bloated, lethargic, heavy? Try a mini yoga session to help alleviate those symptoms!

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