7 Steps to Making Healthy & Thoughtful Living Not So Hard

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Are you overwhelmed by the constant misleading information concerning health, nutrition, wellness, and sustainability? I feel you! Healthy, thoughtful living doesn’t have to be so hard and the following strategies are great places to start no matter where you are on your unique journey.

Find healthy snacks YOU enjoy.

Not snacks that you eat just because Dr. Oz and Oprah recommend them. If you don’t enjoy the famous ‘carrot and hummus’ go-to snack, most likely you won’t choose it when you are really hungry, stressed or in a hurry looking for the perfect thing. (Need inspiration in the snack department? Click here.)

Eat or drink something healthy first.

When hunger strikes (whether true hunger or emotionally/stressed based), get in the habit of reaching for a glass of water or cup of herbal tea first (for those into bone broth, also a great thing to grab with hunger pangs). Or eat the apple that has been sitting on your desk for a week. Then check in with yo-self and observe your hunger level to assess whether food is the answer or you were in need of something else.

Clean your room.

When our external world is chaotic and a ‘mess’ most often we get caught up in that and eventually burn out. Just clean your room and you save yourself from burn out mode. This tip sounds simple because it is. And when its done consistently, causes major shifts in perspective along with providing consistent internal happiness and contentment.

Lay out workout clothes the night before.

Even better in your clean room! This step WILL motivate you to do step #5. Commit to doing this for 6 weeks then check in with yo-self. Once you see and feel the reward for putting the effort towards your intention to sweat, your chances of following through with that intention are more likely.

Commit to moving everyday.

The sooner you can get past the ‘time’ excuse, the better. The more TIME you put into taking care of yourself, the more TIME you will have for living.

Reuse glass jars and bottles as storage containers for bulk purchases.

If and when pasta sauce is store bought vs. homemade, the sauce most likely comes in a large glass jar. The same goes for pickles, nut butters, spice bottles, marinated artichokes, juice or tea bottles, jelly. These jars can be cleaned and reused as water bottles, vases, or storage containers (especially to throw nails & screws or cotton balls in).

Replace paper with cloth.

Back in the day, paper towels were not an option. Nor were fancy dish scrubbers. Cloth was what wiped away family mealtimes or oops moments. Replace sponges with cloth rags and paper towels with cloth napkins. For those large dinner parties, if the cloth supply isn’t enough, go ahead and splurge on paper and be proud of only having to do this once or twice a year vs. once or twice a month.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear from you! What are some ways you make healthy not so hard, confusing and overwhelming?

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