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The SaraFresh Juice brand was built on community. We value our team, ambassadors, local business friends and partners, customers and supporters and want to give back by highlighting some of our community members. Meet Liberty O’Donnell, an awesome member of the SaraFresh Juice team, high school superstar, yoga teacher and healthy living advocate.

Get to know the faces of SaraFresh through this local spotlight series!

Tell us about yourself! 

My name is Liberty O’Donnell! I was born in Cleveland but have lived in Sarasota for almost my entire life and I am currently a high school senior. I’ve been practicing yoga for about three years and received my RYT 200hr yoga teacher certification last summer!

Where can we take a yoga class with you in Sarasota?

You can find me at Pineapple Yoga Studio!

Thursdays @ 4:15
Beginners Yoga
This 75 beginners yoga class is open to everyone! It’s a great class to try if you want each pose to be explained in more depth. During this class we take our time moving through the practice and I help each student develop their own rhythm and flow.

Saturdays @ 12:30
Hip Hop Flow
This 60 minute vinyasa flow class offers a fun alternative to the traditional atmosphere. The playlist will feature current hip hop music. It’s a great class for people who love a bit more of a faster pace with fun, upbeat energy!

For the most current schedule of classes please visit www.pineappleyogastudio.net.

What’s your yoga story? How did you find yoga (or, how did yoga find you!)?

I started yoga about two weeks into my freshman year of high school. I was super inactive and I started practicing for the mental benefits. From the second I walked into my first class I was hooked! I felt like I had found my space and it was something I did purely out of enjoyment!

I started realizing how much it changed my attitude towards life and my body image. I clearly remember I was in a shoulder stand and was staring at my belly (the place where I had always carried most of my weight) and instead of my usual negative self talk I just felt so good! I remember thinking how powerful my body was and that I was incredibly strong! I definitely think that as my most defining moment in my personal practice.

What made you interested in becoming a yoga teacher? What’s your favorite modality or teaching style?

My first yoga teacher was a huge encourager! If it wasn’t for her I would have probably never pursued it and especially not at such a young age. Once I had the idea in my mind I knew that it was the path for me! I love teaching all styles of yoga. It’s my goal as a teacher is to create a fun, positive space that allows people to grow in their personal practice!

What’s your role at SaraFresh Juice and what attracted you to the community?

I bottle and label the juices for SaraFresh! The main thing that attracted me to working for SaraFresh was the people I would be working with and for. Everyone is so positive and it’s such a great working environment!

What’s your favorite SaraFresh Juice?

Hands down, Liquid Sunshine!

What are some of your healthy living rituals that you practice in your own life?

The main thing my healthy living rituals are based off is balance. I try to eat a whole food balanced diet and when it comes to exercise I make sure to balance out any intense workouts with lots of slow flowing yoga practices! Balance is definitely a fave mantra of mine! Mentally, practicing gratitude and being grateful for even the tiniest of things allows me to have a healthy and productive mindset!

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